Australians love a good BBQ

Australians love a good BBQ party, and for many families, BBQ tools are practically a kitchen staple. Skewers, brushes, spatulas, and other basic BBQ tools are a must for any outdoor event. If you like to go on outdoor trips or host backyard parties, it’s vital to invest in high-quality BBQ tools for your everyday cooking.

Although they can be used indoors, BBQ tools are usually designed for outdoor cooking. The handles should be solid and sturdy, and the grill should be weatherproof and rustproof. If you want to use your BBQ tools indoors, consider getting a stovetop grill. Direct fire can be damaging to regular BBQ grills, so it’s best to limit their use to outdoor cooking.

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If you’re new to BBQ cooking, you may want to get a starter BBQ set to help you out. This usually includes all the basic BBQ tools such as grills, forks, and basting brushes. It’s not as sturdy as professional BBQ tools, but this BBQ set is good enough for most outdoor applications. Some will even include starter recipes and ingredients, so you can start using your BBQ tools right away.

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BBQ tools require a different kind of maintenance compared to indoor utensils. For one thing, they are more exposed to outdoor elements, so they should be kept dry and cool when not in use. After washing, make sure to dry them completely before putting them back in place. Although most BBQ tools are dishwasher safe, try to hand wash them occasionally to better clean the joints.

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